Hi. How are you doing?

I have found something fantastic! An extreme crazy yarn - Katia X-TREME.
It's 70% polyamide, 30% cotton and it's meant for crochet hook 20-25! So it's biiiiiig.

katia x-treme
Let me show you my handbag, which I crocheted few months ago, using this crazy yarn... It's very simple crocheted, in rounds. The handbag came out unbelievable soft.
As belt I made recycling, this means I used just an old one...
To be sure that nothing gets lost from my bag, I added a lining, again recycling.
Here you can see the real beauty and the texture of this yarn.
Well I am completely impressed and that's for sure - there will be more projects in the future where I will use Katia x-treme.


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