Hi. I had an idea. To oversize simple crocheted basket and to see what happens???
oversized basket
As you have seen in the last posts, I like bulky XXL crochets.
This time I tried to go even more extrem. I made myself very bulky material and crocheted it to a simple basket. With my own hands and arms, while I just don't have such a big crochet hook at home.
oversized basket

I am completaly facinated about the result - very simple thing, which eyes are used to see always small and fine, but now it is zoomed in!
Its diameter is 50cm and hight 35cm. Made out of filled jerseytubes.
purple tulips
Now I am really excited what do you think about it?


  1. Kairi Pedask28/01/2018, 15:27

    I love the colour and size of this basket. It is amazing. It would be perfect in my modern house for magazines and other small stuff to get it off from TV table.


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