It's a new week, new ideas! What about hearts in Scandinavian style?
I looked out a very simple heart pattern, chose few nice colours out of my Drops Eskimo collection and crocheted 4 beautiful hearts to hang on my window.
Scandinavain style hearts
Scandinavain style heart
Scandinavain style heart
Drops Eskimo is a beautiful soft merinowool for crochet hook 6. So using it like it is, the result would have been a little sweet heart. But I wanted to get a lot bigger heart - to oversize it.
For that I had a trick. I tripled it!
Drops EskimoDrops Eskimo
To see exactly how to do this, look at this video in YouTube from Briana K:
Isn't it a great idea? I just had to share it with you. Using this little trick you can always triple your whatever yarns to oversize your projects. Cool!



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