Who wouldn't love little carpets and rugs?
Small, soft and sweet, different colours and materials. They make your home so cosy and relaxed.
I have been crocheting in last years very many classical roundy rugs, using T-Shirt yarn.
oversized carpet
But lately I had a new idea! As by my oversized basket, I used also this time very chunky jersey tubes, my own hands and crocheted this little cute rug.
You don't believe how pleasant feeling it is to walk on it, on barefoot! First it feels little surprising and new but next moment already warm and soft. It's comfortable to sit on it, to play with children or just lay and dream...
Other side - it looks also quit decorative, or? It gives the room the texture and personality. I plan to try it out also using other colours...

oversized carpet
oversized carpet


  1. Hello, it looks very nice . Seems it is very cosy and cuddly to. I wish you will visit my blog and perhaps you may be a new follower . Have a nice weekend. Best wishes from Anke

    1. Wie geht das Muster und woher bekomm ich die wolle

    2. Muster ist ganz einfach - feste Maschen in hin und her Reihen. Wolle habe ich von Internet bestellt. Gibt sehr viele Anbieter - in Etsy, Amazon... Halt nach XXL Wolle suchen ;-)


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