Many people ask me how everything started? Where did I learn to crochet?
Answer is "I am a classical case"!
My mother was a professional tailor working for a big fashion brand.
Grandmother's land house was full of the textiles everywhere, all made by her - table clothes, many meters long carpets, lace curtains, woolen socks, gloves, big blankets etc.
My godmother was a handicraft teacher and the master of ethno culture in Estonia. She got even a medal of honour from Estonian president for her lifework!
My handicraft classes started in fifth class at school back then in Estonia. And continued until 12th class. Twice a week. And I loved it from first time on. I still remember the feeling - oh, this is my world! I was waiting the handicraft classes every week and I was sad when the bell was ringing. I was so happy there.
Additionally I participated in all kind of handicraft courses offered by the school.
I learned all the classical handicraft arts - knitting, crocheting, sewing and embroidery. It was quit intensive I remember. We started from zero but very quick there were already quit challenging projects.
Like knitting complicated braids stitch in pullover, embroidering colourful Estonian ethno-patterns, sewing a shirt with buttons and a night dress with lace, crocheting oven gloves, scarves, socks and fine lace tablecloths...
I loved the atmosphere in handicraft class - so cosy, friendly, creative, I still get the warm feelings when I think about it.
This is how my first crochet and knitting textbook looked like:
first crochet textbook

My teacher was a very nice and elegant lady - my idol! Oh I admired her. She was a very little woman, wearing always fancy dresses and very high heels. She had very quiet voice and was unbelievable patient with me. I dreamed to be like her when I am a grown up...
first crochet textbookfirst crochet textbook
 My first oven glove pattern:
first crochet textbook
But like it happens almost with everybody after handicraft classes of the school - there came other interests when I got 18 and my crochet hooks and yarns were forgotten...
University, boyfriends, parties, first Jobs.
Until I was 26 years old and first time pregnant. Staying at home, dreaming about my baby... And this was the time I looked out the same good old school textbook, my hooks and yarns and started from beginning again.
First project - baby blanket using granny-squares:
baby blanketbaby blanket
And this was the way how my crochet-addiction started...
The first real crochet pattern book was about squares - how to crochet simple Estonian ethno squares. It was a perfect book to practice different stitches and reading the patterns: 
crochet book squares
crochet book squares
I was so happy that I founded my passion again! I crocheted all the patterns which were in this book. All!
And then followed new books and magazines. In estonian and german language, no difference for me. Bigger projects, I wanted it more and more challenging.
Every day. Over 10 years already.
Until in January 2018 I decided to start also writing about it - I started my Blog.
I am happy that I have founded my way and people to share it with.