Soon starts a new season. Spring is coming.
There are new collections in shops already. Fresh colours, ideas, styles. I need little bit from everything. And for this I have to have, of course, few new shoppers - XXL bags. And they must be handmade - crocheted, to be authentic!
They are in pastel colours, very soft and really voluminous. Made out of Schachenmayr Originals Frilly and using hook 8.
The idea, why to use this yarn, which is actually meant for knitting scarves, came when I found a sale in a local little store, for winter yarns. One ball of yarn cost only 1.-€. Well that good offer I had to use. I took few balls in beige and few in frozen-green. Very cute colours aren't they?
I didn't have really feeling to make me a new scarf this time, rather something unexpected. The idea to crochet  oversized shoppers sounded exciting...
There was no specific pattern, I just crocheted after feeling and amount of material. For straps I used some leftovers - jersey bands.
So it was very ... spontaneous project.
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