Hõissa vastlad!
Means in Estonian "happy winter-breaking day" or "scaring-winter-away-party" or something like this. It took place yesterday in Estonia.
It's an old tradition there to celebrate that soon is the long and dark winter over and spring is coming. People go to ride a sledge this day and have a lot of fun. Some build they own funny sledges, people make sledge riding as groups (schoolchildren, colleagues, friends), singing and laughing. They compete who makes the longest sledge ride and who is the winner.
I was also sledge riding with my children yesterday. There was not much snow but more than enough for having fun!
Traditional is also to eat this day a pea soup with pork.
And special muffins/ buns - pastries filled with jam and whipped cream. Most of the people buy them of course in a shop. But here in Germany I don't get them anywhere. So I baked my "vastlakuklid" myself using the recipe from a cookbook "Skandinavische Küche" mentioned in my post Shopping Scandinavian Kitchen.
This is how they traditionally look:
After this I visited my girlfriend and we enjoyed the pastries together. With two cups of coffee.
Hmm... winter, sledge riding, fun, cold... and then homemade pastries, coffee, girlfriend, warm and cosy - Hygge!

Otherway, walking around in my garden today I saw the first signs of the spring!!!
Chives and Narcissus are putting their nosy noses out already. And the first trees are awaking...


  1. Lecker! Want them, too! So please bring me some VASTLAKUKLID on Saturday for this 👍 comment of mine here 😁


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