hygge beanbag
I wanted to crochet something big again... well you know me already. I like big things! Oversized!
So I crocheted one beanbag this time - something cosy to sit on and just relax.
I chose yellow, to get more sun in my livingroom. And while I had just so happy mood :-)
As material I used Drops Eskimo, I took it double. Crochet hook size 10. For filling the beanbag I used styropor granules from VBS Hobby.
hygge beanbag
I crocheted always in rounds, using half double crochets. I closed the bag using gray, for getting some contrast. For filling I was sewing a same size bag out of the yellow fabrics. This was all easy and fun part.
But then came the filling part. Oh my god!
This was crazy - the granules were sticking everywhere. First I put way too much in, the beanbag got too hard and full. I had to take half out again, this was such a mess. I had the granules even in my hair...
hygge beanbag
But in the end it was finally ready and I could rest sitting on my brand new beanbag. Hurray! It feels very warm and comfortable while it is out of pure wool. Mmmm, hygge feeling - something real and natural... I am happy with it. And my familiy also.
By the way, when somebody has also the feeling to crochet "something big", I definitely recommend this project.
hygge beanbag
So, how do you like it?
I'm thinking, should I make also one smaller one next to it as a set?


  1. Kutsub kohe istuma ja mõnulema. Ilus.

  2. Jah ega ma ise ei saagi seal suurt istuda, pidevalt on laste poolt hõivatud. Jäävad sellel vahel isegi magama.

  3. Hello. I was wondering what pattern you happened to use. I want to make one so bad but i cant seem to find a pattern for that style.

    1. Hello Roche. Glad to hear about you🙂
      Well, I didn't have actually any pattern for this beanbag. I crocheted 150 cm long chain, connected it as a ring. And started chrocheting rounds using single crochet stitch and a hook size 6.
      When the tube was about 150 cm long I stopped.
      Then connected one side horizontally as you an see on the photo with grey yarn.
      Then put into the bag the filling pillow or material and closed the other side with grey yarn. But this time vertically. You know what I mean? See the first photo...
      And that was it. Done🙂
      Sweet greetings and let me know how did it go🤗
      Instagram: @scandioversized


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