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My blog Scandi Oversized has the first birthday today - it is 100 days old! 🙌
I started in January 13th 2018 with my third crochet blog.
blog scandi oversized
The first two I wrote in estonian language while I am estonian and I can express myself just the best in my native language. This I had to stop unfortunately while the website which offered the blogging service to me, collapsed one day and they couldn't restore any data. All was gone. Oh I was sad 😭
blog scandi oversized
The second blog called Heleri Crochet was written here in www.blogger.com and worked quit good for me, but after the few years I found out that an estonian written blog works very good in Estonia but no at all in Germany! Where I actually/ mainly live...
blog scandi oversized
So, and then I started just once more from the beginning with Scandi Oversized. This time in "international language" -  in English. That everybody could read it - in Estonia, in Germany and over the world... I try also to focus more on oversize/ supersize/ XXL crochet this time. Not to write about everything, like in my two formal blogs.
blog scandi oversized
What has happened then in last 100 days here?
- I have written 39 posts
- I have about 3125 pageviews until today, this makes about 30 visitors per day - that's fantastic, I am so happy 😊 Thank you!
- the most popular post is long time already about my pink oversized basket
- the most readers are from Germany then Estonia and then come countries like Ukraine, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, USA etc. Coooooool!
- I have also started my account in Instagram to support the blog: #heleri_klumpp.
There I have 40 posts and over 80 followers until now.
blog scandi oversized
Hey! Isn't it great?
I love to crochet!
I love to write about it!
I love to make photos about crochet!
And I love to share it with the others!
My sweet readers and followers - thank you very much!
Thank you that you share this passion with me, that you support me and that you are there! 💗
blog scandi oversized

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