hygge carpet/ / rug/ blanket/ throw

My new relaxing bed throw is ready! 💚
This is by the way my biggest crochet project ever so far - well size wise. It is 90x130 cm big and 8 cm thick/ high.
I used filled jersey tubes in colour light grey. And my arms to crochet this throw. Simple crochet stitches in rows are the best for such a project.
It creates very cosy hygge atmosphere in bedroom... or soft and stylish texture in bathroom. As it is quit solid but soft same time, it can be really used both ways.
When somebody would ask me today, what is modern crochet?
Or what is the new trend of crochet design, then I would say this is it!
Basic crochet stitches ☝
Oversized materials ☝
Crochet - not to create only practical daily means, but to create completely new textures and flair in interior ☝

hygge carpet/ / rug/ blanket/ throw
hygge carpet/ / rug/ blanket/ throw
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