Happy Birthday Crochet Blogger

crochet blogger
Hello my sweet followers.
I have something to celebrate with you today - 6 months ago, on the January 14th 2018 I turned my computer on and started my blog Scandi Oversized πŸŽ‚
Well, I had 4 years before 2 two blogs in Estonian language and had little bit different focus, but I had feeling to start from a new page this day... 😊

My First Post

My first post was about the pullover I crocheted that moment:
crochet blogger
Since then I post about my different crochet projects, XXL yarn, crochet magazines etc. And I enjoy it fully.
How did it go the last 6 months?

The Most Popular Posts

There are almost 4000 page views so far. I find it amazing πŸ‘
The top 3 most popular post are:
crochet blogger
crochet blogger
Most of the readers come to my blog through the Facebook. From different crochet groups and my account.

It is very International here

The biggest amount of the readers are from Germany. Probably while I live in Germany 😊
The second biggest group is from Estonia. My country of origin 😊
But there are a lot of readers and followers also from Ukraine, Finland, Austria, United States, Poland, Switzerland, Peru and Norway. Is this exciting?

Thank You my Sweet Readers

I thank you all for interest, visiting and reading my blog!
I thank you for commenting my posts! It is always so nice feeling to read your feedback.
Thank you! And I promise there will come much more exciting reading and photos about beautiful oversized crochetπŸ’–

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  1. Hi, I just discovered your IG-account, searching for other crochetbloggers. Your site looks amazing and I will definitely visit more often. By the way: I'm from The Netherlands ;-)


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