jerseytube, crochethook, extreme crochet
Hi. Today I want share with you my passion to oversized crochet and the feeling to create something big and cosy ... and always add some little extra to it 😉
I have all my roof floor full of jerseytubes. All kind of colours. In many different thickness. It looks crazy up there, I tell you.
I'm working with hands, arms and feet. When earlier times crochet caused me rather shoulder- and back pain from many hours sitting in same position. Then lately, when I'm doing more oversized crochet, where all my body is actually involved, it has turned rather my daily fitness 💪
And I love it 💖
It makes me happy.
To create.
To make beautiful things and share it with other people.
Do you now this feeling? 😉
jerseytube, crochethook, extreme crochet
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