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I made some thoughts.
Why do I do this? Why do I crochet over 11 years already?
Why something, which was only a little sweet hobby in the beginning, became a real passion and fascination for me?
Well, here are the reasons:

1. I am addicted to handicraft magazines

Do you know this feeling? They are like a magnet to me. When I see new editions of my favourite crochet magazines in supermarket, I get excited like a little child in front of the candy shelves. They are so beautiful, shining, fresh. There are always so inspiring pictures in, they make me feel so happy and I forget all the daily stress and duties... So I have to buy one!

2. The excitement in my body when choosing a new project

When I have a dilemma to crochet a new scarf or that cool handbag as next. This feels just so good. And when decision is done, the euphoria to start immediately... Am I crazy maybe?

3. Shopping yarn

Well what a happy day this is when I can go to the yarn shop. Like a paradise for me. Choosing and feeling all these cute yarn balls. Beautiful colours. These are my happy moments...

4. And the crochet can start

The challenge to understand the complicated pattern is also my secret passion. I am more math type, I love challenges. Trying, testing, calculating... and then it works. After this comes relaxed crocheting. Just enjoying the process. Letting the thoughts fly, meditating, day dreaming...

5. When my new project is ready

Completed. I did it. I made something what was only a dream in magazine, to real thing. I can touch it, feel it, wear it, enjoy it, present it. Very powerful feeling! To be proud of myself. It gives a lot of self confidence, energy and positive mind in daily routine.

6. Well I can't hide that I like to talk about what I create

You can see it in my blog. Crocheting is one of my favourite topics to talk to next to cup of coffee. This is just my world. My eyes are shining and I have nonstop keep smiling in my face... say others.

7. And the last but not least, taking the photos about what I have been crocheting

What can I do, I am a woman. And women love to show. This is very exciting to try and combine how could I present my work in a best possible light. To choose little details which harmonise or create a contrast with it. I go into my world completely. I forget the time and I don't hear the phone...

Taking all together in one - the inspiring magazines, the cosy hours of spending on crochet, the finished project, beautiful photos and also writing about it - this is why crocheting is much more than just a hobby for me.

What about you?
Did you recognise yourself little bit in some points?
Let me know 😊


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