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What means the trend-word "pitch"?

Known also as "elevator pitch". It is telling "what do you want?" Short and concrete. Direct and at the point. What do you want, what is your goal, to who, where, when and why???
It started in business field, but it is not only needed in business and in the elevator, it is a super thing to do it to yourself also in private life.
Do know what do you want?  Why do you want it? And how you want to do it? What is your actual and concrete goal?
To have clear mind and no chaotic time waisting. Sounds familiar?
I like the idea! I am practising doing it more and more often. In every field. It's often hard but when I have the answer, I feel relieved 😉

So, my pitch today is about:

Why do I write this blog?

  • To share my passion to crochet, using oversized materials and decorating the house in Scandinavian style!
  • To encourage others to do what they love, find the time to their hobby and express themselves! 
  • To inspire the people who have a need to find to their home practical, classical and exclusive details in one piece! 
Have you done the pitch about private goals?
Was it difficult, how did it feel after?