A drama with my leg

I had yesterday the best pilates training after very long time. It felt extremely good to be back in shape again, like I was, before my accident last summer. Before I did regularly pilates training in studio and was additionally 2-3 times per week jogging outside.

Then I fell on the street in July and my left foot got seriously insured. 3 months I had to wear orthosis around my foot and leg. It was a drama for me. It helped very good though and I was healing, but my foot and leg muscles couldn't move and got weaker and weaker. 6 months long it was any kind of sports absolutely prohibited. So I was finally allowed to start this year in January again, which I did.
But OMG - I couldn't recognise my body anymore. Left foot and leg were so weak and completely stiff, I was once even crying in sports studio.

heleri klumpp, scandi oversized

Beginning is hard

But I decided to not give up and fight. It was clear to me that beginning will be hard, but I am going to train my body, until it is strong and flexible again.
So this I did now three months quit intensively, until yesterday in pilates I could take the old positions finally like I did last summer or even better...

I was so happy. And thankful to my body that it recovered completely. What a feeling, to be strong and not stiff anywhere. To feel young and vital.
Well, today is jogging in plan... I can't wait.

Waiting for the miracle

Same is actually with my crochet project.
I'm doing this more or less many years already but I started more serious this year in January. And by this  have to say - beginning is hard. Real struggle with everything. Nothing works immedialty smooth.
But I don't give up, until same miracle happens, like with my leg!

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