Is it also with you like this that when the spring starts you get this inside energy? You change to restless, you start trying to come out of your comfort zone and take some action? For me it is time to come out of the dreaming world and get real.

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Family & Co

My lifestyle was so far almost all around the family. To take care of 3 kids and huge house every day - cook the breakfast, cook the lunch, cook the dinner, clean-clean-clean, wash tons of laundry, shop food, drive kids to sports and back, appointments etc. I love it. It is my family and I want that everything works and all are taken care of. I enjoy the role of being a "Family Manager". I like this active lifestyle.

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Time management

But now I want to add there something. I work also at school, giving courses and couching the young people. But I have decided I want to spend more time than so far by blogging, designing and sharing my work. I have feeling this little bit is not enough for me. Even though I am completely tired in the evenings, still I think I am capable to do more.
It was not easy so far, the time management I mean. And it will not get easier. But I want to get more clever, to get better with planning, organising, setting priorities. I want to live the lifestyle where my family and work is in good balance. To be happy and satisfied with myself.

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New lifestyle

Can you relate?
I have classical wishes actually what most of the women/ moms have - to lose some weight, to do more sports, do meet more often friends, to take more time for me, to reduce the stuff in house and redecorate, to travel more, to educate myself etc. Sounds familiar?

Well I work every day on this. I wake up very early because I am a morning type, to get a lot of things done from my every day agenda. And to enjoy that I am working on my dreams, not just dreaming...

Do you have any further tips for me?