Blue love

Yesterday was very busy day by me. Working on my new throw for one competition I want to participate. Choosing the right colour combination is the key. The magazines say that light red/ coral will be the trend colour. But it is not really my thing. I was looking rather different blue tones to combine with my ash grey...

filled yarn, modern crochet, scandinavian interior

No coffee?

Afternoon I was working and had a long meeting with the city. I was so thirsty and OMG there was no coffee/ tea or water. But still it was a lot of fun and great feeling to work together with the professionals.

Making decisions

Evening was luckily easy and relaxed. I made a big and important decision - I am going to participate in two competitions for bloggers and handcrafters. First is designing and handcrafting a home decor item. Idea is to combine traditional handcraft arts with modern ideas. The deadline is on 15. April. I was not sure so far, but yesterday I decided, I will do it.
Well the last time when I participated in a such competition, I was in top10 in the end and my work was presented in a big Design Magazine. Here the post about it - My Scarf Was in Magazine

crochet scarf, scandi oversized

The second challenge I decided I will participate, is a blogger competition. Also a crazy idea. I was long time not sure at all should I do it, while my blog is still quit new and doesn't have that much content or page views yet. Also technically it is still really simple. But let's see. The readers vote.
Cross me fingers!

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Believing in me

But why it took me so long to decide? This is often a real problem for me. My mind is chancing all the time. One day I believe in me and my things 100%, next day I can spend all day thinking is it right thing or not, can I do it or I dream way too big. And third day, which is often weekends, I tell myself, forget it, this is all completely naive and stop waisting your time.
Do you have also sometimes such "ups and downs"?

One reason is that I am still alone in my designing project. I can't discuss it with anybody. Ask advice, change ideas, get confirmation. But I try to be strong and force myself to believe in me and my luck!