Duck and pancakes

There are very grey and rainy spring days lately here. It is not easy to keep the head up and a smile in face. But what helps is to see the little good things around me and appreciate them.
Yesterday I cooked a special lunch for us. Pancakes from oven for kids and a duck with celeriac salad for me. I made a nice fine table with the kids including the candles and soft music and we had a really cosy time together with laughing, talking and enjoying ourselves. I loved it. There is not every day that much time for lunch unfortunately.

filled yarn, scandinavian interior, nordic style, modern crochet


Afternoon was busy. My son had football, my little girl an act class. Shopping, organising, house hold etc. I was the lucky one who could go later to pilates. I was so happy to go to my fitness club, was almost running there.
Already going into the studio is so pleasant feeling always. The flair, the atmosphere. There is always kind of a forest smell in the air (black forest style). People are so friendly and cool. Just great.
And doing the pilates is just perfect in such rainy days. The stretching and breathing. Concentrating on my "powerhouse". This I should do also more often in my every day life when it gets difficult I was thinking.
Do you know this?

For instance I am still not fit at all after my accident and a break from sports after that. But I can do the most advanced belly muscle exercises in a slow motion, because I have learned to use my powerhouse. It is amazing how big difference it makes. Thank you pilates!



I have decided to use this idea also by my work. And by marketing my designs. To stay on my chosen track. In the end I wish, like everybody else, to make a profit with it. This and that way.

The hobbies cost nowadays. The material, the shipping, the camera, the good lighting, the skills courses, the Internet-phone-computer-electricity. Also the time, energy and compromises needed to make.
And if I want to share it, it has immediately even more costs. This I have calculated many and many times through, how it could work for me. I think it will.

And then there is one more kind of a profit. A big one. Designing and creating my interior decor items gives me a chance to walk on my one way. To feel free. With an "activated powerhouse" that nobody or anything can bend-push-pull me to the side from my track.
And this is the real profit. Isn't it?

filled yarn, scandinavian interior, nordic style, modern crochet