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A clutch bag

Thursdays I go often, if it fits with the kids, alone shopping. For me. This I didn't do so many years anymore when the kids were little and needed constant supervision. If then, when I needed something badly already. But I missed it. The quality time for me and thinking about me as a woman. And my look. But I am happy that I go out again and take more care of myself.
Anyway yesterday was the shopping day. I didn't find many pieces this time but a clutch bag. A beautiful wine red clutch out of soft velvet and a metal chain as a shoulder strap. I am so in love with it. It is very simple actually but still classy and elegant. I can' t wait to go out.

clutch bag, wine red, velvet

In the afternoon I had to taxi drive my kids again to all kind of activities and back. But had also one hour pilates for me in my studio. 
In the evening, after the kids were sleeping and all household done, there was finally time to work again. I am preparing the white yarn for my next project. So excited, it will look very luxurious...

Minimalistic, white and elegant

Here some thoughts I made while working...
The simple handcrafted item can be really special. High quality, minimalistic and made with love is the trend. Also plays a role the marketing around it, of course. I can tell the story how and where we need it, by making marketing.
Which feelings it creates when there is one oversized hand crocheted throw laying on the leather sofa for instance. Either at home or office or other interior. Light and elegant. Little bit something from childhood - "handcrafting grandmother". And still very modern and completely fresh. Simple and luxurious. With a lot of structure but still so minimalistic.

modern crochet, scandi oversized, grey decor

The story of the Scandi Oversized

This is my goal by my designs. To crochet using simple crochet stitches in rows or rounds. Using actually very simple material, but still completely different from other yarn types. Making the good old interior items, but giving them totally new look and dimensions. Scandinavian style. They need as contrast a lot of sleek and smooth materials and natural tones, then the real fascination comes out the best.
This is the story of my scandioversized...