Winter is back. So lovely. I made yesterday a really nice walk and also a jogging round in the evening. I just love these winter days. Well I am a Nordic girl through and through...

By jogging come always so fresh and clear thoughts by me. That's the main reason why I actually do it at all. Even though it is often so hard to start. You know the feeling? This dilemma - I should go but... no rather tomorrow... no today...

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Anyway I started thinking about what I have actually achieved  in my life?
What I have made different which maybe not every woman does/ have done? And I found out that there are few things which I have really done different...

I studied in university a real "men filed" - biomedical engineering. There were about 20 boys and 5 girls in our class. It was really hard I remember to come through. Studying days and nights, having always a job next to it. So many dry technical boring courses, all these 100 different mathematics, physics, electronics etc. What was more fun for me was all the medical part and technical English. But after 6 years I graduated with master degree. So this was my first real big achievement in my life!

Moving to abroad. From Estonia to Germany. Was spontaneous decision... My life is beautiful here but I still have homesick and I would go back if  I could. But with 3 kids and house and jobs here it is not that easy anymore and very risky also. But I did this step, what maybe a lot of people only dream about and they will never know how it would have been.

I married a German man. Also something I never could have dreamt of before. But love doesn't ask if nationality fits. We are 10 years happily married now and I am thankful to my destiny that I have him in my life. He is wonderful.

I got twins. Oh my god was this a big chock. We hat a little 2 years old son and we wished just a brother or sister to him. And then a doctor says that well he gets 2 brother-sisters... I was crying 2 weeks in the beginning, no idea really why. I just couldn't imagine to get 2 babies at once. I was sure I can't do it. But I did it! My twins are now 8 years old and I did all right. It was really "hard like hell" but I did it!

So I have done some things different in my life. But this is my life and I am proud of myself.
Now I have next dream and want to make a big step. Of course I'm very insecure. But if I think what I have achieved successfully in my life then this gives me a courage to start my next "big project"... and be successful. To do new things, meet the new people and see the world. I want to be on the way. On the happy and exciting way.