I am still struggling to get my tens and tens and tens of meters white tube-yarn together as one.
For background information, if I buy my tube-yarn, it comes as yarn balls, each has about 50 meters. But to crochet a basket, rug or bed red runner, I need it either 100 meters or 150 or 200 meters tube as one running piece.

white yarn, weißes garn, diy, scandi oversized

White therapy

So this connecting I do by hand myself. They must be sewn together very delicately, that these sections are minimum to see.
But it makes also a lot of fun and enjoy. These are my calm and relaxed hours. I drink coffee, I listen music, I make thoughts about what comes next.

white yarn, weißes garn, diy, scandi oversized

Specifically when I work with white yarn - it is like therapy. I am surrounded by white, light, fluffy yarn. It's good for the mind.
Anyway yesterday after few hours "being in my white world", I had so good mind, full of positive energy and just happy.

white yarn, weißes garn, diy, scandi oversized

Try it out too! White walls-furniture, white decor and textiles around you, white flowers, white materials by your DIY projects... Heaven.
Stay white!