Hi my lovelies. It's Wednesday. Uh the time flies.

Which decor type are you?

How is it with your decorating ideas at the moment? Are your more South-exotic or Nordic-minimalistic type?
Well I decorate more in Nordic-Scandinavian style. As I come myself from North Europa, it is just me. I like it modern, simple and cool. To all Scandinavian interior fans here, an idea to add some characteristic details.

Baskets as modern interior designing details

At the moment is a big trend straw baskets as you know. Same good fit in your Scandinavian style  interior also handmade baskets out of filled cotton.
I have made lately myself few such baskets. Here are two examples:

scandinavian, nordic, design, interior, decor, modern, minimalistic

One in living room with the stool and reed.
Other version in my daughters room, for storing her dolls.

scandinavian, nordic, design, interior, decor, modern

What do you think?

They are designed this way that, they are elastic, light and of course washable.
So what do you think? Are you also a big baskets fan like I am?
Leave me 👍 if you are.